Hi everyone! I recently in the past 2 years discovered that I am very lactose intolerant and potentially gluten sensitive as well. I'm excited to start this amazing program in hopes that it will help me with finding foods that are easy to digest. I'm often feeling very bloated and tired after anything I eat (even just a plain old vegan salad with no sugary dressing). If anyone knows anything that would help I would love to hear because I always feel it's a constant struggle with eating. Thanks!!!

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over 4 years

Yeah healing gut. I'm gluten, lactose, dairy and soy intolerant . It's a pain. Already noticing a massive difference already with changes to my lifestyle. I suppose healing the guy also helps u to fight the infections as well

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

In this program we heal the gut I think you will enjoy it, it's all about building back good bacteria xxx