After realising too late that the recipe for the sesame balls was wrong I've now doubled up on everything else and the mixture is still really wet- does anyone have any ideas what I could use to make it dry out a bit so I'm not wasting everything? Thanks x

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over 4 years

I added protein powder and coconut. Slightly odd tasting and I now have loads... So some are in the freezer!

Eva Mayer
over 4 years

I baked them with oats and cranberrys, haha. I could figure out any other way to use the mixture

over 4 years

Thanks nicolou x. I've added what seems like loads coconut and still it's not right. I've got in in the freezer now but even the taste seems odd. I might have to give up too. All the recipes seem to have gone a bit wrong today 🙈!

over 4 years

coconut might work. I had a right nightmare with these also even with the updated quantities. Mine also separated a bit over the week. I gave up with them and just popped them in my porridge in the morning so I didn't waste them.