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I was just wondering what everybody would vote on as their favourite recipes so far?

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Lynn Marie Thomas
almost 3 years

I loved that one too, the flavour combo was amazing. I did enjoy the beef stew too though.

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Hannah Wood
almost 3 years

Asian salmon so far for me too!!

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almost 3 years

Yes Asian Salmon for me too! 😍

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almost 3 years

Any of the salmon dishes for me 😛

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almost 3 years

Asian salmon all the way 😜

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Thanks guys xx

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almost 3 years

Asian salmon- made it for last nights guests

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almost 3 years

And......... Another Asian salmon! The flavours were totally addictive. I was in heaven. That's the recipe I remember the most. Second would be the avocado on toast, an all time favourite

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almost 3 years

Asian salmon for me too!

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almost 3 years

Week 1 - Asian salmon and the chicken stir fry would be my fav

Just started week 2

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almost 3 years

Asian salmon from week 1 is still my fave 😊