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Hello glowing girls! I really want to do the plan but my OH is doing something else and I was wondering how much prep is involved time wise? How often a week are you exercising?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello lovely! The prep isn't too much just organising yourself on a Sunday and then you cook your lunch the night before. We've put in exercise everyday and it's a combination of strength and cardio xx

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Sian Jack
over 2 years

Thanks lovely! I just need something to shake me up. I've become complacent and not eating badly. Just the wrong foods at the wrong times. I think I need to sit down with my OH and see how we can make it work together

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over 2 years

I find it less time consuming than normal because it's all there in your shopping and recipes are quite quick and most of them my husband and 18 year old son like anyway or I can just adapt a bit by adding something else with theirs. All meals in the evening are your lunch also the next day so that saves time too.
It's fab I'm sure you love it đź’š