Feeling like I have zero energy today and I ache down to my bones. Think I'm coming down with something. Any advice on what to eat drink to help??x

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about 4 years

How are you feeling today? Hope you're feeling better xx

about 4 years

Oh L!! Sending lots of hugs. Thinking of you xx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Lots of cleansing lemon and ginger! Spices such as turmeric will help boost your immune system too! Xx

about 4 years

I think nearly all of us have had this over the last few weeks. I find that lemon and ginger tea helps. Also if you have the glow book there is a remedy on pg 55. Everyone's advice to me was rest! I'm an awful patient amd have 2 kids so I'm not the best at sticking to it but I have rested all weekend and feel 100% better.

Hope you feel better soon.