Hey glow squad I'm working all evening on a very exciting reveal coming tomorrow so I won't be able to live stream tonight. Enjoy your dinner and see you in the app tomorrow ❤️

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over 4 years

She always looks so happy and positive. #lifegoals Love her .

Rachel Flynn
over 4 years

Ooooh what is it?? Can't wait to hear more! Is there a live stream tonight? X

over 4 years

Very excited and will keep me motivated as still working yet to have dinner and heavens knows when I will fit in exercise and then get to bed ready for the alarm to go off at 5.50am. Can someone tell me how we are supposed to keep it all together when holding down a very demanding full time job?? And with two small children at home! 😩

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Yay!! Can't wait to tell you more xx

Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

very exciting, looking forward to finding out tomorrow...😍

over 4 years

Ooh exciting!! Have a great evening and see you on here tomorrow 😀😀xx