Hi Glowers, I'm new to the programme this week too, starting 1.5 days late but thought it would be better to get going while I was motivated! 😅 I've made the date & almond balls as well as the salmon today, both so full of flavour and very filling too! Getting to bed earlier starts tomorrow along with the work outs.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on when to watch the workout videos, if you don't watch in the gym? I'm going to try pre-load the stream in the morning to watch on the tube but I'm not sure that it'll work.😞

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over 5 years

I found watching Shona run through the form at the start of the video really useful - probably the first 5 mins. Even if you just watch that then use the pdf should be enough.

over 5 years

Not sure you can do that, if we can let me know as my internet at home is rubbish so if I can down load at work that would be excellent. Glad you are enjoying the programme. It's great.