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Glow squad! I’m so thrilled to be able to reveal the cover for my new book Ready Steady Glow! It’s out on the 7th April but you can pre-order it NOW ! http://amzn.to/1PM1VyA I know loads of you have been using recipes from Book 1 when you want an extra bit of variety in the meal plan, and with Ready, Steady, Glow you have even more options! All recipes are dairy, gluten and refined sugar-free. Let me know what you think of my cover!

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almost 3 years

Love it!! You are the best example of 'glow' I've seen! X

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almost 3 years

Has been on preorder since before Christmas, can't wait👍

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

Beautiful, pre ordered mine at the beginning of Jan 😍

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almost 3 years

Lovely. Your beautiful smile

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

Great cover pic. You look amazing and the colours are so eye catching. Sure to stand out on the shelf😍

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Yay, thank you!! Xx

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almost 3 years

Absolutely love the cover u look amazing. Can't wait to read it. Payday next week then glow guides here I come xx

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

Cover looks fabulous and you look amazing as always Madeleine x 🌞👍

Book pre-ordered..Looking forward to adding it to my 2016 Book Shelf👍😘💖 I already have youe first book and looking forward to this one....

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almost 3 years

Release in Canada?

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Thanks lovelies, so excited!! 😘😘

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almost 3 years

Love your smile! This book will sell on it's own 😄

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almost 3 years

Cannot wait to add it to my collection of healthy cook books! I absolutely loved the first book :) xo

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Jo Round
almost 3 years

My copy was ordered at the start of January 😉 cover looks amazing ..... can't wait 💕😘 x x

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

Gorgeous!! Book's on pre-order - can't wait!! 😄💃🏻💃🏻💃🏼

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almost 3 years

Excellent 💞💞💞

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almost 3 years

Glowing girl😍😍😍

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almost 3 years

Looks gorgeous! Another one to add to my collection ☺️

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almost 3 years

You look beautiful and so happy in your own skin. A real inspiration. I'm so glad I'm here 😊

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almost 3 years

Fab! Pink really suits you! Can't wait for all the wonderful recipes.

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Kathryn Jane Richards
almost 3 years

Can't wait 😘😘😘