I found the salmon broccoli pesto pasta dinner really greasy and quite slimy! And only used half the pesto. Not feeling so great after it right now :(

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over 4 years

I found mine slightly dry and dense and I added the amount of oil it told me too

Lynn Watkinson
over 4 years

I didn't add in all the oil in mine. However with all the nuts I found it a very dense meal and it did leave me also feeling a bit queasy. I think we are all different and having tried a meal you can choose to substitute it for another or adapt it. I would eat that one again but would cut down on the oil and nuts for my tummy.

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

No made it. There seemed to be a lot of oil in it and now feeling a bit bleugh!! You are only meant to use half the pesto which I did but it was too much X

over 4 years

I'm supposed to be having that tomorrow, did you buy the broccoli pesto?