Shona, I'm on week 1 and my muscles are so sore after the first workout... I haven't exercised in a long, long time so no surprises there but how do I speed up the recovery? I don't want to fall behind by having a rest day, only to get sore again. (even yoga is painful) Do I just plough on? Should I get a foam roller? Thank you!

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over 4 years

Thank you both so much. A foam roll and and an epsom bath it is!

over 4 years

Epsom Salt baths are great too. Add in some lavender to relax or peppermint to revive

over 4 years

Hey clairea! I'm not Shona🙊,but I'd suggest you a black roll or spike mat! Those items are great for muscle recovery,but if you feelin' pain-don't train😅
Because,it's better to rest for 2 or 3 days,than getting injured because of weak and overworked muscles. I had pain in my groin and lower back last weekend and just stopped wirking out for 2 days and I was feeling' painfree after it and could start again :)
No worries,your body tells you what's the best for you-just listen🙌🏼