Having a bad day. Feel bad about what's happened. But new day tomorrow. Try again . I know I can beat this

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over 4 years

physio will be amazing, I'm getting it just now cos I broke my foot. just remember to do your exercises. :-)

once you are stronger and able to get out and about that will help your depression too. spring isn't far away either, sunny days help me too, always easier to smile on a sunny day!

over 4 years

People are teaching me to take one step a day as I am suffering with depression and physical health conditions. Physio is going to help me manage the physical health issues and help me with my mobility and help train me to find myself where can get up on my own without strangers pulling me up

over 4 years

Don't confuse a bad day with a bad life, you sound like you've been doing really well, focus on the strength it's taken to come this far and give yourself a break until you feel back on it x