Hiya! I just posted this to a comments thread but feel like it's necessary to share with everyone. If you're feeling disheartened because you aren't able to do certain movements in the workouts, just know this;
Strength takes the longest to develop, and the speed of development t can really depend on your genetics, stress levels, food intake, recovery time ... It's not as simple as doing a few workouts. In most cases a minimum of three months is required to really develop the skill. That information is not supposed to dishearten you, but instead motivate you. Just know that every workout is getting you closer, I promise. Stick with it. 💕🙏🏾

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Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years


over 5 years

Thanks Shona, having s hard time with the push ups but I keep going

over 5 years

Thanks Shona! I'm determined to get that breakdance move if it's the last thing I do!! 😃💪💪

Awaken My Spirit
over 5 years

Thanks Shona 😘

over 5 years

That makes me feel so much better as I have been struggling to keep up. Thank you.

over 5 years

Indeed - thanks so much Shona xxx

over 5 years

Thank you Shona x