Morning! Really struggling with the morning turmeric milk - both in terms of finding the time to make it and getting used to the taste/texture. Can anyone tell me what the health benefits of it are? Hoping that if I know why it's so good for me, that'll keep me on track! Thanks 😀

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over 4 years

Wow thanks so much for all your comments! The list of benefits is amazing, Madeleine, and really good to hear how it's helped you guys. Will definitely persevere. Thinking about it - my husband has been off work with flu this week but I've been ok, so maybe that's thanks to the turmeric?! xx
ps. ❤️ this group - so amazing to be able to get advice and feedback from you all 😀

over 4 years

I was feeling rubbish at the weekend with a horrible head cold, so made myself a pot of "tea" with hot water, lemon, honey, ginger and turmeric to drink through the day. Felt heaps better the next day - I'm convinced it was the turmeric - magic ingredient! I can't bear milk so don't do turmeric milk in the morning, but I do sometimes add it to my morning hot water and lemon.

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

I was having turmeric with my morning hot lemon couldn't stand it so cut it out! However when I look back I had no tummy troubles. This week however my IBS is back! So I really think the turmeric helped!! Persevere and know it's doing you good :) xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Turmeric is an amazing superfood! Full of vitamins and minerals, it's great for your immune system if you're ever getting poorly, also it's great for digestion. It has medicinal properties and has such a healing power, it's a great spice to have in your diet everyday! Also helps with inflammation it really is a great ingredient so please do include it!! Try is with rude health milk xx