I've 'started' the programme this week but have not managed any exercise due to 18hour working days. Proud though that I've food prepped in my spare time so at least I'm eating the good stuff! Feeling like a zombie without sugar and some seriously reduced caffeine. Positive hopes though for next week when I start Week 1 for real! How do others with busy careers manage to fit it all in?

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over 5 years

That's great guys, thankyou! Will focus on your advice and start embedding habits in small steps. I hope for it to become part of my schedule rather than something I have to fit around it. Aiming for balance in 2016 💆🏼

over 5 years

It is very hard. Especially for the workouts, so I am adapting and if I have a very busy day that doesn't allow me to do it then I don't. But I try to make up for it another day or catch up during the weekend. I think if you follow the key guidelines of the healthy meal plans and incorporate workouts where you can and try to sample every type (workout, yoga, meditation) it is already very good. I see it as something long-term anyway with the programme getting us started and then it becomes something part of your everyday life. But I believe we all have different lives and requirements to consider, it is how you own it and make it yours in the end.

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Hey babe, I get you! We've all been there with long working hours! 18 hour days is w tough one but I advise you split your workout into 2 x 25 min workouts one in the morning and one in the evening! Great you're still prepping the food! You can do it xx