What does everyone have in there tea and coffee to make it sweet or is the idea we will not need to make it sweet? I use pure stevia liquid ,what are people's thoughts on this as I know Madeleine suggested not to use artificial sweeteners but not sure on pure stevia?🍚🍯☕️

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over 4 years

Use honey in tea!

Tiffany Topol
over 4 years

I've actually sweetened my coffee with honey for a few years now - I love it!

over 4 years

I used to have sugar in my coffee but since giving it up I found I don't need it. it takes a while but I enjoy a good coffee with no dairy milk now no sugar!

over 4 years

I hate liquorice too but tried liquorice and mint tea and its lush!

over 4 years

liquorice tea doesn't taste like liquorice sweets at all it's lovely x
give it a try

over 4 years

Keen to know this also! I hate liquorice so unfortunately liquorice tea is out! Love a good cup of breakfast tea.. but defo keen for a sweetener!

over 4 years

I'm not sure I do know has less sugars but dearer but compare to xylitol which mum can only have as is zero sugars because of diabetes

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, try liquorice tea xx