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Can't believe it's nearly the end of week 4! Phew. Dipped a little in energy on Tuesday but got my bounce back today and looking forward to next week - though suspicious about the sauerkraut 😬 Where is everyone getting theirs? Loving being part of this #Squad! So empowering and genuinely feels like I'm getting fit but not at the expense of my health 💪🏻🙏

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almost 3 years

Not sure yet and slightly scared of the sauerkraut 😁 can't believe we're halfway! X

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

I got mine in Tesco, again in the Polish section x

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almost 3 years

I get mine from Waitrose or ocado. I love it with avo and eggs on rye!

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almost 3 years

sauerkraut ....mmmm

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almost 3 years

Ocado sell it. It's actually really nice. Apparently a nutritious told me it's great for salty crisp cravings! X

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almost 3 years

I'm right there with you Rusty! Can't wait for week 5 ☺️

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almost 3 years

It's in my local Asda in the "Polish" section. It's a massive jar, though. 😔

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almost 3 years

U can get it in the whole foods aisle it's basically white cabbage in I don't know what

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Great, well done!! Xx

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

got mine in wholefoods

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almost 3 years

I made my own recently following a hemsley & hemsley recipe. Was actually really easy to do.