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Feeling down and fed up. I have pulled a muscle in my groin so getting worked up that I can't do any exercise now 😩 been working really hard 😒

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over 2 years

Thank you Shona. That helps.

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over 2 years

Hey Jen !!! Don't be down, sometimes it's a message from the universe to slow down (sorry, my hippie side just revealed itself there), also, avoid stretching a pulled muscle, it can aggravate it more, particularly if there is a minor tear. It needs rest more than anything. If it doesn't get better see a physio or Osteo. 🙏🏾🔮💙 Don't be afraid of rest, remember that your body is never against you 💙🔮🙏🏾

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Eva Mayer
over 2 years

A few days ago my shoulder did really hurt and I was so annoyed about it. But still, I had to rest and now everything is fine again. A few days resting are not too bad anyway,😉

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over 2 years

Oh shame. Lots of stretching and healing will happen. Don't overdo it Jen. Rest up. We have all been there 💛💜💛💜

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over 2 years


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over 2 years

I agree with Nat!
Seriously. Take this time to heal. I know how frustrating it is to be injured. But take the time to heal.
Feel better soon 😘

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over 2 years

Your doing really well Jen, don't get down. Get some rest, you don't want to make it worse. Then hopefully you feel better in a few days. Big hug x