I'm starting week 5 and doing great with the munch part but I have a shoulder injury that's stopping a lot of the workouts and yoga. I was doing karate 3 times a week and now haven't done anything for nearly 3 months. The shoulder still isn't fixed after 2 separate bouts of physio . Trying not to be negative but I'm normally a fit and active person and this has been dragging on for months. Are there any workouts/yoga positions that I can do? Really would love to get the whole glow experience! Thanks guys xx

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Emma Christou
over 4 years

Thanks for the help. Will give the yoga moves a go but not worry about them too much! X

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe! Sorry to hear that, you can do the leg exercises so lots of warrior poses!! Tree pose, all of these are lower body focused xx

over 4 years

Hi , I haven't followed the workouts have just been doing my own thing as I have a lower back issue at the moment, you know it just about keeping active , don't worry, look after your injury you can always go back to the beginning when you are recovered. 😘