Hello gladies! I am dying to start this but my BF has been advised to commence a FODMAP type diet. We were planning on doing it together so does anyone know if this is compatible with his new restrictions? Xoxo

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, the plan is really balanced and dietician approved so will be great for your beautiful health and body xx

over 4 years

There are quite a few foods here that do not comply with the FODMAP such as beans , cauliflower, dates. However I suffer Bad IBS and saw a dietician about it and was informed the FODMAP can be quite dangerous as it eliminates a lot of foods which could lead to possible deficiencies. She said as long as I vary the foods I have, take a high quality probiotic, try to chew my food more, eat slowly and try to de stress my IBS will improve and guess what it did. X