A photo of a sleeping baby may not look like a symbol of excitement but...here's the thing. She's not always keen on doing that. It's a big thing in this household! I'm shattered. I've not always had time to eat properly over the last few months and Kitty Rose here has dictated my sleep schedule. The holiday period has been even worse as my Dad has been in intensive care and anxiety has kept me awake even when I did have the opportunity to sleep. He's now on the mend, getting stronger every day and I am excited about doing the same. I want to restore my vitality so that I can be a good Mum, a happy person and a support for my parents while my Dad finds his feet again.

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Paula Quinton-Jones
over 4 years

Best reason I've seen for doing this. Good luck!

over 4 years

Hope the plan helps get you back on track 👍🏼