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with wine !!!! Sauerkraut crew...let's do this !!!

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Kati Kiil
almost 3 years

I got that too, but did some reading and yeah, it needs to be raw/unpasteurised to get the health benefits, so off to Wholefoods to see if they've got one.

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almost 3 years

I see wonderful nail art ☺️👏🏻 xx

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almost 3 years

Let me know the taste feel nervous trying new things

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almost 3 years

Make sure the sauerkraut is unpasteurised other wise it does not contain the goodness that it need to help your gut. If it's found on the shop shelf it's no good needs to be found in the fridge section and say unpasteurised on it X

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almost 3 years

Haha! A german product😂and of course as a german I love it!😁

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Love it!! Xx

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almost 3 years

Not a fan... 😷😩

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almost 3 years

Oh I got that one as well! wasn't sure which one to get!