Okay...so...I got out of the tub and I rallied. I Jerry rigged dinner....hubs has decided he's not keen on quinoa and missed the pak choi on the shopping list but we had some leftover aubergine...I put it all together and it turned out really well! But that's not the best part.....The best part is that hubs took the scales out for one night only and....... I have regained my pre-baby weight!:-) That's a loss of 8 LBs IN A MONTH!!! I've been dieting since I was 15 and never known of such a thing. FANTASTIC!!!!

Even better is the fact that I am planning on keeping this up one way or another. I can't afford to eat this much meat all the time but I'm really enjoying the food. My understanding of nutrition is sound and I thought I ate well before but this is life changing:-)

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over 4 years

well done you x

over 4 years

Great job!!!! That's amazing!

Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

That is great news well done.😍👍👍👍

over 4 years

That's is So amazing, I bet you feel fabulous ! 😘

over 4 years

That's absolutely amazing-well done you!!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Amazing news!! Well done babe, can't wait to hear more about your progress xx

over 4 years

Oh that's so fantastic - gives you such a boost. Well done! 💚