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I have tumbled off the wagon this week! I have eaten out, eaten cake, had buffets and washed it all down with wine!!! All in the name of turning 40!! However, now the day has been, I am keen to get back on the wagon and focus! Do I now go back to week 4? The beginning or start again with week 5 or doesn't it matter?!

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Sarah Roche
over 2 years

Not glowing!! 😔 week1 got off to a super start. Loved it but now feeling jaded and poorly. Off work.. Daughters birthday at the weekend. ate cake, drank wine. Birthday party at home and sleepover finished me off!!!! Feel ugh!! As usual when I feel like this I let it all go and go back to eating crap and not exercising. Am teetering on the brink....... Positively tho i have done my shopping for week 2.......... Any words of wisdom out there to help shake me out of this trough????? Help!!!

Ps should I start week 2 if I didn't do sat/sun of week 1?

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Awaken My Spirit
over 2 years

Happy Birthday 💐

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over 2 years

Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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g-Low B
over 2 years

Thanks Madeleine. Loving the app by the way! X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

We all have those days/weeks!! Why don't you try going back to Week 4 where you got up to xx