Isàanyone else starving today! Feeling really light headed with no snacks😴

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Susan McGarrigle
over 4 years

Me nicolou. Had a couple of dates and handful of nuts mid afternoons as was starving and large cup of peppermint and licorice tea wasn't cutting it!!!

over 4 years

I am always hungry nothing seems to satisfy my sweet tooth. Just keep chanting nothing tastes as good as slim feels!

over 4 years

week 5 and had a massive breakfast of cinnamon oats. Gonna gets some nuts!

over 4 years

Did you eat all of your breakfast? Which week are you on? Try having lunch early?

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, have a juice or some water and take it easy! If you need to have a snack everyone is different xx

over 4 years

Not long had filling banana pancake only used banana and 2 eggs with berries. Coyo coconut yoghurt. And Tiana honey