Maddie, do you ever drink and if so how often? Sorry for the personal question but this is the bit I find hardest as I love nothing better than a glass of red and a good natter.

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over 4 years

Bother had 2!!! I fear I will never be a one glass girl!

over 4 years

I agree - since following the plan I really feel the effect of alcohol the next day, so that has helped me cut down dramatically. I'm trying to make plans on a Friday which don't involve drinking but it is hard to get out of the habit of using alcohol to help wind down after a hard week. Trying to follow Maddy's great advice and enjoy a glass of red occasionally with dinner as a treat 😁 and have lots of fresh lime and sparkling water when I'm out x

over 4 years

I used to really enjoy a glass or 4 of wine a few nights a week. Since following maddie I've learnt that eating well makes wine taste toxic and I want it less and less. Maybe 1 glass is my maximum now and I could go weeks with none at all. I can feel how it drags me down and I'm loving feeling great too much to want to feel rubbishy again.

over 4 years

Me three! I don't drink during the week, but I do love a glass of wine on a Friday night, when I'm home after my long brutal week at work! 🍷😋

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, I don't really drink often. On occasions I do but I will stick to one glass of red wine or a soda and lime. Aim for rum or red wine and 1 glass is fine so don't worry xx

over 4 years

Me too