Hi ladies, I'm in week to and was just wondering if anyone else has found the portion sizes a bit up and down. One receptors I have found a bit in the small size but other huge!!!! Tonight's broccoli and brown rice pasta is huge.....are do I need to send back my new weighting scales ???

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over 4 years

Try using a small plate then you will notice it's not so big

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe all meals are dietician approved and around 1400 calories per day! It's all good for you but listen to your body and how it feels xxx

over 4 years

They are quite big. Particularly the broccoli pesto. It done four dinners for my family! The pesto freezes well though x

over 4 years

Yes I found the same. I have done week 2 last week and this week I am having a break as I am abroad. But in the first two weeks I found some recipes were really huge and others ok. I think it also depend on the size of the vegetables you buy. I had bought really big sweet potatoes and probably too big beetroots. But the worst recipes for me in terms of portion sizes were the beetroot and quinoa recipe and like you the pasta with courgetti and salmon. Portions were far too big for me. I think I will be more cautious in the future and pre-read the recipes and adapt quantities to not overdo the quantities.