I'm so tired I can't stop crying. It's crazy really. Bub napped really well yesterday and I was feeling really optimistic but overnight she wouldn't go back down after her feeds and today she won't nap. Will fall asleep as long as she's in my arms but the second I put her in her bed she's wide awake. Sometimes it feels like all the other babies in the world are sleeping through by now and it's me struggling to get my precious to sleep. I've tried getting her to eat more during the day but she won't have it. She eats every four hours day or night.

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Emma jane
over 4 years

Hope everything has settled a little now lovely. Don't panic your little lady will one day sleep better. I know that isn't much help right now when you are shattered and running on empty. Be kind to yourself. A happy mummy is a happy baby. You are doing a wonderful job. Everyone says sleep when baby sleeps, I was never able to do this 1st or 2nd kiddy 😓 but if you can I think it can make a grey world
Look a little brighter xxx

Abygail Irving-Isom
over 4 years

Thanks both! I've taken the day to relax a little. Stopped pressuring myself to get Kitty to nap alone so that I can exercise without eating into her time and napped with her. Two hours later and with some food in my stomach I felt worlds better. Now it's time to face another night!

I was thinking about trying her with water overnight but was building up the confidence. She's always been such a tiny thing, just 6lb 6oz when she was born, much smaller than anyone expected and then my milk came in late. She's still underweight for her height even though she eats like a horse! Was anxious about not giving her enough:-(

over 4 years

Don't stress you're not alone honestly! Elijah was the same I thought he only sleep in my arms til he was 10 at one stage lol! It does get better you just have to hang in there and do what's right for u guys, if that means leaving the laundry or having a pj day and napping when he or she does then that's fine! Don't compare your lives to the books or what you think others are doing (more often than not they're actually in the same boat as you!). Have you tried just giving water at night though? We did this and it took a couple of miserable weeks but then he stopped waking for milk as it's usually a habit rather than a need when they're older. Hugs X

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, don't worry it's fine to cry! It's going to be Ok, being a mum is hard! You're doing so amazingly well and you're a part of such a great plan!! Just rest and relax today and keep glowing tomorrow babe - remember you are amazing and doing so well xxx