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Hey beautiful - this is your weekly shopping reminder it’s time to stock up on all that delicious wholesome food that’s in the shopping list for whichever week you’re on! Who’s excited for next week? I know I am...

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Sarah Roche
almost 3 years

Restarting Week 1 and raring to go!!

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Kathryn Jane Richards
almost 3 years

I'm on week 3 I think? I must be honest I haven't stuck rigidly to the meals - I've tended to pick my favourite brekkie, lunch and dinner! I'm absolutely loving it though and feel brilliant 😘😘😘

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Gabrielle Amelia Reeves
almost 3 years

Me too! Week 6!! Food delivery coming shortly. Absolutely loving it and my partner is too - he's lost 21 pounds since week 1!!!

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almost 3 years

Me me! Week 6! Cannot believe it xxx

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almost 3 years

Finally starting week 1 tomorrow!!

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almost 3 years

Excited!!! 👏🌸🌟💚💁

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

Week 6. Can't believe it. Time is flying past!!