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Woke up this morning beaming with delight! I'm 5 pounds down and my tummy isn't bloated or grouchy, I'm full of energy, my spots have cleared up and I just feel around happier and blessed with the life I lead!
Glow guides is fantastic and I am so glad I started it!! Thank you Madeline and all you glow guys and gals 💕💕💕

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over 2 years

Thanks everyone! I'm well chuffed! ☺️☺️😘

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Francesca 1
over 2 years

Yay! 👊🏼🙌🏼

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over 2 years

Yay! 👌

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over 2 years

Great job!!!!

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over 2 years


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over 2 years

Basically you are an advert for this program. x Well done :-)

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over 2 years

Amazing news!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Amazing news, well done babe!! So proud, keep glowing and let me know how you get on xx