Hello :)
I'm new here. Really looking forward to getting started! Just wondered what rice milk people use? I normally buy the rude health milks but I don't think they have added calcium. And does it have to be rice milk or is almond/ coconut milk ok as a substitute? Thanks!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey gorgeous! I love Rude Health! Also any other non-dairy milk is fine xx

Hannah Wood
over 4 years

I use rice dream also x

over 4 years

Thanks everyone! 😘

over 4 years

Alpro. Welcome! 🙋

over 4 years

I am using almond milk rude health. Maddie has said this was fine!

Sarah Thomas
over 4 years

I use rude health xx

over 4 years

The rice milk I use is called 'rice dream' it's £1 in sainsburys at the mo. Any non dairy milk is fine though. The rice one is a little sweeter in taste so I prefer it.

over 4 years

They do have added calcium. As Madeleine programme is dietician approved. But I just use coconut milk and I tend to go with Alpro, coconut dream or Koko what ever one is on offer coconut or almond with me