Oh, man. I'm a couple of days behind on the meal plan (13 hour drive Wednesday and started a new job yesterday), so I just now got around to the sea bass - HEAVENLY. I cringed as I bought it because it's $30 per pound (not sure if it's that expensive over in the UK), and as I placed it in the pan I thought "dude, this better be worth it." Welp. It was. My new favorite meal. Also reinforced the idea that sometimes it really is better to pay a little more for great quality food.

Anywho. That fat piece of fish put me in a tremendous mood. 😍

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

So glad you liked it!! Xx

over 4 years

Wow it's about £4 for 2 in pack here

over 4 years

That does seem more expensive than UK. Totally agree so delicious! I used to spend lots on take outs and processed rubbish and if anything I'm saving money!! Hope you continue to feel great xxx