Fruhstuck (breakfast) memories from Germany. I am very glad to be back to London today and doing food shopping to start week 3, yeah! It has not been too bad with food this week, I could have good healthy options, especially for breakfast. But I have no idea what was put in the food I ate for lunch and dinner. I just tried to do as healthy as I could. I will be glad cooking from scratch again this coming week and doing a bit more exercise as I could do only one yoga session this week. But feeling very good overall. I have been in lots of meetings all day long and it is the first time in such a situation that I didn't have any headaches or migraines emerging. I put that on my acupuncture and healthier diet. I am sure drinking lots of water was very good too to keep the fluids going. Planning to relax and work on my artworks this weekend. Lots of cocooning! Happy weekend everyone

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

You're doing so well!! Keep going babe xx