Hi Glow Squad,
I started the first week on Monday (in France Sunday's the last day of the week, not the first ;) and I am head over heels! I'm gonna do the first week again to empty the fridge as I found portions were huge for me - and while I'm at it I'll start week 2 on the next Sunday to be on same schedules as all of you UK gals!
This is my post-baby programme and believe it or not Soren loves watching my morning workouts.
Hubby signed up for the munch part, which really helps!
Only downside so far is I can't find kale here (I'm in Nice) so I swapped with rocket salad...
I'm in love with these almond balls, never made anything like this before!
Have a great next week whichever you're on!

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over 4 years

Thanks Maddie, so glad I heard about you whilst in London a few weeks ago!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Welcome Sam!! So happy you're on board!! So exciting!! Xx