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Any ideas where I might be able.to purchase rice milk? I live in Cumbria and we are always 4 years behind the rest of the country. tried online but nothing jumping out.

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almost 3 years

You could try ordering from planet organic, whole foods online or goodness direct x

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almost 3 years

Got mine in tesco 2 for £2 - good luck 👍🏼

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

Yay thank you all. Booths will be the best bet as the large supermarkets don't have it 😄

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almost 3 years

Asda is selling alpro rice milk 4 for £4 in long life aisle. Though sainsburys is selling almond and coconut for £1 each now

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almost 3 years

Asda have it next to their almond milk, etc. ☺

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almost 3 years

Any main stream supermarket will have it with long life milk or in the "free from" section, also the co-op stock it in a lot of their stores 😊

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almost 3 years

Booths should sell it, in the long life milk section rather than in the fridge section :)