Hi all!! Very excited to get started on Sunday!! I was wondering what the advice is regarding caffeine? Is it ok to cut down or cut out all together?


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over 4 years

Just to let you know, green tea is naturally caffeine free so don't be surprised if you start to withdraw quickly. I'm going cold turkey on it as of today 😲 had a last cheeky Costa 🙈 and now I'm done!!! Good luck to you 😊

over 4 years

Thank you! I have cut out caffeine before but stopped without phasing it out, I think that would be harder now because I also enjoy a good quality coffee in the morning! I really like chai and green tea so will start to substitute with that during the day I think! Thank you for your help and ideas! X

Von Tivey
over 4 years

I think it's ideally cut it out..... But I have one cup of good quality coffee a day 🙈 when I went down from what I was drinking to one cup a day I got really bad headache withdrawal... But in fairness feel loads better now. Good luck 😊