Hey glowing beauties.... So I've been absent as have had the worst few weeks of my life. My fiancé passed away less than three weeks ago. I'm trying to look after myself etc but in all fairness it's really not happening. If you have any tips as I'm pretty lost at the moment I would really appreciate it xxx

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over 5 years

Sending hugs and happiness! I am sorry for your loss!, stay strong and keep going xxxx

Gemma Smyth
over 5 years

I'm so so sorry to hear of your loss and agree with what everyone is saying. It's so so soon and you'll be feeling the enormous and horrible waves of grief that come out of nowhere and floor you completely, and you can only feel what you feel. I lost my mum 18months ago and it was a big shock and I still feel so sad now. Everyone's loss is different and their grief unique though, just as their love for each other is. I found the quiet times on my own the worst and even now I struggle with the meditations and the stillness a bit, because this is the place I really hear what my heart is saying the most- and it aches. In the first few months I tried to keep busy, making plans and exercising a lot (doing insanity and spin) to try and give my mind a break from my thoughts and I did a lot of running which helped. But it's still so so early and you just won't know what to do. Sending you lots of love and strength and hugs xxxxx 💗 don't be scared to ask your friends and family to help you with things hat seem overwhelming- even cooking/cleaning/leaving the house, can feel like mountains to climb xxx

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So so sorry...sending much love your way beautiful. Take is easy, listen to your instincts, do whatever feels right to you, and don't isolate yourself. Keep posting here for comfort and company as much as needed, we are here for you. Xx

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I am so sorry for your loss. Take the time you need to heal. Baby step into this routine if need be and make sure you give yourself time. Dont ignore your feelings and give yourself a break. You will find your way, i promise. As a community here you will always find support. We are all here for you. Xxxxx

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

I am so unbelievably sorry to hear that. Please know that this forum is here to support you. Don't worry about Sticking to the plan, this is a time for healing so if the mediations feel right then they may help but don't force it. Love you very much X

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Just sending love and strength ❤️❤️❤️

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So sorry to hear about your loss and I fully understand what you are going through as I lost my husband 11 years ago, I was 32 (he was 40)... My advise is don't be hard on yourself, take one day at a time, let the tears flow when you need them too without feeling bad about it. Keep your daily routine as simple as possible but making sure you do get up every day, get dress and go out. I used to go for long walks with my baby ( 3 month old at the time) as there were times I didn't like being in the house on my own... A few months (I think it was 15), I joined WAY, a charity for the Widows And the Youngs and it really helped as I got to meet with people who were in the same situation as me... Counselling can help too, it is a personal choice. Be kind to yourself. Sending you comfort and huge hugs xxx

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so sorry for your loss. like everyone else has said, take every day/hour as it comes. Try to relax and dont put yourself under any pressure. you can worry about diet and exercise later

sending hugs xxx

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So sorry to hear about your loss. Stay strong as you can be and be gentle with yourself at what I can only imagine is a painful time. Lots of peace and love being sent your way.👼

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Have patience with yourself through the bad days, listen to what your body needs right now whether that may be a box of chocolates or a glowy snack be kind to yourself and take it day by day xxx

Awaken My Spirit
over 5 years

So sorry to hear of your loss I can't even bare to imagine what it must feel like to lose someone so close ...

Its going to take time to heal and process it all and be sure you are not alone. totally agree that this is one of the best groups I have ever been part of, so supportive and really loving and understanding.

I would highly recommend Madeleines meditations they are keeping me in check whenever I am feeling low or going through something difficult in my life also my prayers and talking to God about all my struggles and pains help a lot. Life is very short and we are all going to pass away none of us are here forever. Death serves as a reminder that we are not here forever.

Much love and lots of hugs my dear...Keeping you in my prayers...


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Try to rest, get a good routine and we are here for you. Things will get better one day hun 💖

Susan McGarrigle
over 5 years

So sorry for your sad loss. Sending lots of love xx

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I am so sorry for your lose. Now is a time for you to grieve and remember your partner for what a fantastic person who was a cherish the good times you shared together. And remember although he is no longer physically with you he will always be by your side , and you can still always talk to him. He will guide you in the right direction. Try to surround yourself with people who love and care for you. Don't worry about sticking to food plans or exercise at this time, there is plenty of time for that later. Right now eat and do what feels right by make sure to take care of yourself because that's what he would want. Keep strong hunny, sad times will pass and you will be able to remember him with smiles in the future. But never forget he will always be with you , just cos someone passes does not mean they leave us X X X

Emma jane
over 5 years

oh my goodness. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum when I was in my late teens and the only bit of advice that I can give is be kind and patience with yourself. You will have OK day and terrible upside down days. You will run through ever emotion in 5mins... it is OK and very normal to not know if you are coming or going. I found talking about silly thing you did together/they did/said a help but it was a while before I could xxxx

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Sending you all the love in the world. Grief is such a trying time. I would say eat intuitively and have what you feel you need. Be gentle on yourself, go for walks in the fresh air and let yourself sleep as much as you feel you need, no matter when it is. Maybe try the meditations still and the gentle Sunday yoga. Things won't get 'better' as such, but they will get much much easier and you'll get stronger at coping. It just takes time. You're so brave, look after yourself. ❤️ xxx

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Thank you xxxxxx

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Sending a lot of positive affirmations, thinking of you and your family and hoping that day by day you are kind to yourself - xx

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Thinking about you. All I can say is this is the most beautiful and understanding group of people I have ever come across and all of us are here. Sometimes it's easier to vent and talk to people you don't know. We are all here. This community truly is about health happiness and support. Lots of love xx

☆ Emma ☆
over 5 years

Sending love your way x