Hey Glowies! First I wish everybody a great valentines day!❤️
I have a question: does anybody know a good aloe vera gel without nasty additives? I only seem to find brands,that aren't 100% natural :/

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over 4 years

Thanks jen! Okay,that sounds bad-but I actually didn't want to drink it,than put it on my faceskin to moisturize...but I think that's bad,too then?
@autie: coconutoil is a little bit too heavy for my sensitive combination skin :/

over 4 years

I be weary but pure coconut oil 100% is good for dry skin

over 4 years

Hey just a heads up. I was conned in to using aloe Vera gel by my friend who is a aloe forever living distributed. She told me the gel is amazing for health. So it took it, and after a few weeks I started suffering severe diarrhoea and yummy cramps. So I took this to a very experienced dietician and another nutritionist and both of them explained to me there is no proven quality scientific research to suggest this is beneficial for our health. However there is proof that taking too much aloe can cause it to take potassium out of your body which is not good. It is also rebound for causing diahrea. So if I were you I would just stick to eating whole healthy foods and save your money rather than wasting it on a gel that has no scientific evidence to say we should be drinking it. X X