Today is my first day!!! Yesterday I got all my groceries (spent $274 for everything on the week 1 list 😳😬) --seems high -- but in all fairness I had none of the staples (we Americans have different things in our cabinet ,lol)------- since the app was sooo affordable-- I don't mind the food cost! With the help of Google I was able to translate a few terms and I found every item at my local health food store ---- now for these grams and milliliters !!! :)

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over 4 years

My price Was cheap at beginning because I had most of he ingredients all ready 😄

over 4 years

Awe! Yes, I'm excited today was great!---those fig balls were so easy to prepare---and are amazing! Sharon I feel you -- on the wine! :) I'm trying to go the entire 8 weeks with no wine:)

over 4 years

first week was expensive but more "normal"after that. I think I'm saving money cos I'm not living of wine and takeaways...

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

That's so amazing you've got all your ingredients bought, I always feel so good for it!! Can't wait to see you progress let me know how you get on xxx

Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

Def cheaper....

over 4 years

Yeah deffo gets cheaper. Welcome - American friend 💚

over 4 years

It will get cheaper. My first shop was about $120 and now it's about $60-70 a week. Which is what I would usually spend anyway.
Also happy to help with the conversions and I'm a Brit living here in the states :-)
I'm used to it now lol

Emma jane
over 4 years

It will definitely get cheaper. My 1st week or two was pricey but now approx £30 that breakfast, lunch and dinner 👍 x