Hello beautiful glow girls! Does anyone have any ideas for camping foods? Going away this weekend and wanted some healthy fire meals! It's 30 degrees here so can't be anything that needs keeping too cold! Thanks in advance xxx ❤️❤️

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over 4 years

30 degrees... where are you? I want to move there!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Oooo sounds amazing!! I love camping!! You could make a big batch on my energy balls which would be great for snacking on!! But I'd love to use a barbecue or the fire at the camping site to do some fish or chicken that would be amazing and some veggie kebabs!! So jealous of the temperature!! Xxx

over 4 years

Stuffed peppers or fishcakes ? X

over 4 years

Rice/brown rice pasta and a sauce made of tinned tomatoes and a load of veggies would go down well. While vegetables like peppers tend to travel well and take the weather too! Xx

Sharon Hubbard
over 4 years

Corn on the cob, cooked either in their leaves or tin foil? You could do healthy kebabs, either just vegetable or with chicken if you are able to keep that cool, make a nice sauce to dress it with, i.e garlic, chilli, herbs and oil. Just make sure you soak the kebab sticks if the are wooden before you use them or they burn. Hope you have a wonderful time! X ☀️

over 4 years

Get a mini bbq and lots of tin foil. Throw sweet potatoes in with coals to bake them and do mixed veggies in foil packets. Jamie o has lots of recipes in Jamie at home for this xx enjoy your weekend!