Hi Maddy & Glow team! I have a question about the lunches which are leftovers from the dinner before.. Do people tend to heat them up in the microwave or just eat them cold? I've been eating mine cold as presumed microwaving would kill off some of the nutrients(?) but wondered what others do.. Thanks! x

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Abygail Irving-Isom
over 4 years

I don't own a microwave but I heat some of the meals in the oven....

over 4 years

Hi heather I also have seen all the debates about microwaves and have been doing some research at uni and there is no research to conclude using them is harmful so if you want warm then heat up I personally prefer cold leftovers X

over 4 years

Thanks a lot ladies! 😊

☆ Emma ☆
over 4 years

I know microwaves can cause lots of debates but I watched a documentary on channel 4 in the uk and they tested the various ways we can cook and eat our foods. Microwaving them came out top after a nutritionist tested the nutritional values. Maybe some more research is needed but I prefer mine warm so heat them in the microwave x

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! I don't love using microwaves but you could heat the meals in a pan and have it warm. But I love the recipes cold haha I think they're delicious!! Totally up to you though xxx