We are on day 3 week 1 mixing up the days a little with salmon tonight. I'm struggling with finding time and motivation to do the "move" section...do you do it morning or evening?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello darling!! I love moving in the morning then getting on with the beautiful day xxx

Hannah Wood
over 4 years

I hate getting up in the morning and always used to go to the gym after work but it just eats the day away so I've been setting my alarm an hour or so earlier on Mondays, Wednesday's & Friday's so I can get the workouts out of the way. The first week I struggled getting up because I love my bed and I am not a mining person but I'm on week 4 now and it's become routine and so much easier to get up! . This morning I actually woke up at that time even though it's a lie in day (I do the Tuesday and Thursday yoga in the evenings before bed). I really would have preferred the lie in though :)

over 4 years

I was fearful everyone would say morning. I'll give it a go tomorrow. Thanks girls x

over 4 years

I would say do it in the morning, or if you have access to a gym at work, pop out and do it on your lunch break using the pdf! Sometimes I can't face the mornings! 😊

over 4 years

I just do it when I have the time. If you can struggle out of bed early morning in best as it sets you up for the day and is done and dusted. I'm in week 6 it becomes routine once you get in the flow of it all. 💚