I know this is very random but does anyone else like hearing the sound of the rain? I have actually noticed since starting the programme how therapeutic I find it and I genuinely believe it's because my mind is slowing down and I'm starting to become more mindful of the things around me. I have noticed the physical difference in my body as well but for someone whose mind never rests. this is so amazing for me x

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

I find it so relaxing too!! I love that you're becoming more relaxed I really wanted that to be a part of the programme xxx

over 4 years

Loving this thread. Totally understand, I have a very active mind too and anything that can help slow down or stop thinking is amazingly relaxing.

over 4 years

If you download the meditation app 'calm' there is a rainwater sound that's sooo soothing. X

over 4 years

Awk bless. I'm in Ireland and could be waking up with snow tomorrow. you never know what you are going to get here but the rain is helping me nod off. night glow girls. sweet dreams xx

over 4 years

I play storm sounds when I am falling asleep. Very calming ☺️

over 4 years

I love listening to the rain so relaxing! Alliepants oh dear!!

over 4 years

Not right now if I'm going to be honest. It's pouring down and I'm soaked through to my pants!
On the train on the way home and the rain is coming down in a diagonal fashion! Oh and the 30mph gusts of wind are not helpful when trying to keep ones umbrella up! 😂😂
Of course once I'm home and all warm and dry, it will be a different story 😄
Did I mention I have wet pants? ( that's underwear for the glowers in the US)

over 4 years

Me too. It's a lovely sound. I even like walking the dogs in it!

Abygail Irving-Isom
over 4 years

I love the sound of rain. Often like to open the window at night if it's pouring so I can hear it better:-) At the moment we use rain sounds to soothe the baby though and as white noise to help prevent her from being disturbed while she's sleeping so not as rare and special as it used to be!