Hey Glow Girls!!

Do you know in what stage are the vegetarian meal plans? I have not started the program yet as I'm a vegetarian :( have you heard any news on that front ? Thank you gals!

You are all doing so wonderfully! Can't wait to glow with you :)

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! I spoke about this in my live stream we are working on it I'm so sorry for the delay! Hopefully the next couple of months will let you know an update soon xx

over 4 years

Hello! I'm veggies and currently on week 4, I have just been adapting the recipes. If you watch maddies live stream she mention the veggie plan coming soon ☺ (I might rewatch it actually I can't remember if she said Feb or March ) I'm really looking forward to the plan coming out it will be a lot easier for us vegetarians x