😓 I'm really struggling to get going with my running again after a couple of months off . My legs feel like lead and I'm struggling to go far before feeling exhausted . Any advice from fellow runners would be really appreciated .

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over 4 years

Hi Lovely, have been off running cos of an injury, Try the couch potato to 5 k App , a couple of friends who have never run use it and say it's fab ! Take it easy in a couple of weeks you will be fine . Xx

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Thank you for all your advice and positivity . Makes me feel a lot less deflated . X

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Run with a friend! I used to run a lot on my own which is great but i try to run with a friend once a week as it's also really therapeutic as we talk about anything and everything so your not focused on how hard the run is! See if you can find a kindred spirit.

over 4 years

I agree with Ingrid. As a seasoned runner, I know how hard it can be to get back into it after injury or brutally cold winters.... I hate treadmills.
Slowly slowly. Plan for a mile or a 10min run around the block. Set small goals and build up. You'll get there. Xx

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Going for shorter runs and increasing gradually over time will help. It is incredible how quick we can loose the stamina. Just piano piano and it should be all good. As the days get brighter and hopefully a bit warmer towards Spring it should help too.

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

I like this post! I really want to get back in to running too now he mornings are lighter but no idea where to begin X

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I've started up again in the new year after a while without running. I'd completed a couple of half marathons last year and got a bit overwhelmed by it. Getting back into it has been difficult, but I've taken it steady and not put too much pressure on in terms of going the distance. Maybe think about just doing shorter distances, doing some intervals to work on fitness? Also stretch well, yoga and invest in a foam roller and good trainers. Don't overtrain, legs need to recover? Good luck 🏃🏻🏃🏻

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It's the most frustrating thing when you try and get back into it but, like with all things, patience is key.

Take it slow and listen to your body, you will get there in the end!! ❤️❤️