Good morning Glow Squad! So a lot of you have been writing on the wall that you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ and looking for support. Just remember that we’re only human and it’s ok if you’ve given into temptation. Just remember that one bad meal doesn’t put you ten steps back. My best advice is enjoy it if you’re going to give into something “naughty”, savour the moment and then start tomorrow afresh. One bad meal doesn’t have to turn into a bad week :) Big kiss Madeleine xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years


over 4 years

this is why I love the glow guides - too much time is spent hating ourselves for eating a bit if chocolate these days but glow guides actually teaches you how to eat better! if you fall off the wagon then it's easy to get back on. good luck glow squad! every day is a new day xxxx

over 4 years

The 80/20 rule works as good as 100%.. When you're younger it seems dreadful to slide slightly off the regime you're on. It isn't. See the bigger picture. It's bound to be an improvement on what you were doing before. Just smile and carry on with it the next meal or day or workout. Life's too short to angst over one very small thing like that. Remember 80/20 will get you there. X