Popped into Aldi and they have really cheap coconut oil, coconut milk, chickpeas etc actually did a good stock up!!!

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almost 3 years

I'm off to Aldi today will report back later!

almost 3 years

Ooh need to get some of that coconut oil then! Xx

Lynn Watkinson
almost 3 years

I think the coconut oil was only £2.99!!!

almost 3 years

Thanks for that 👍

Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

That's amazing, well done Lynn!! I love being prepared, especially my store cupboard!! Lots of amazing recipes to be made 😍😍

almost 3 years

That's cool. Just picked up coconut oil for £5.99 in tesco small pot though . How much in also. Lidl don't do coconut canned milk