Woke up this morning with tonsilitus...rapidly going downhill. I was so looking forward to my mackerel tonight but don't feel like eating anything😕. Does anyone have any top tips for recovery?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Sorry to hear that!! Rest up babe and just recover first you're health is so important xxx

over 4 years

Hope you feel better soon, take
It easy xx

over 4 years

Thanks guys, I'm on the case! x

over 4 years

It sounds a bit gross but gargling salt water really helps. Whenever I've got a sore throat it's gargling salt water & lemon and ginger tea!

over 4 years

Manuka honey eliksir always helps me

over 4 years

ginger honey and lemon in hot water good for soothing the throat 😊

over 4 years

Have some soup! It's the best thing you can eat when sick. Also, Maddie has some great recipes on her blog to kick start your immune system.
Remember to hydrate! I know everyone always says that buy it really helps.
And drink ginger tea!