So I stayed away from dairy because of glow guides. Yesterday I had a tiny piece of cheese and I felt bloated and overall poorly. I'm yet to confirm but I think I may have been slightly intolerant to dairy my whole life and I would have never realized had it not been for this program. Eternally grateful for this!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years


over 4 years

I take the viridian digestive aid if ingested dairy it actually has helped calm it down as has peppermint and lavender in settles my stomach but I try not to ingest I try be careful sometimes it's difficult to do

over 4 years

I would definitely get tested before concluding though, I thought I was and turned out I wasn't it was just u had not eating it for quite a long time so my body was not used to it. I now eat full fat yogurt and organic cows milk regularly , despite myths on the internet full fat dairy is an amazing source of calcium and provides a lot of nutrients to the body, just learnt about it on my degree programme at uni. There is loads of rubbish posted in the Internet about how it's bad for us and not a good source of calcium, however these claims do not have reliable clinical research to support them. So all in all I would get checkout our first Hun before elk mating it X X