Feeling really low. This little groin strain I had turns out to be not so little, it's not turned in to a full abdominal tear and groin strain and I am sidelined from any activity for minimum of a month. I feel so horrible and lazy. I literally don't know how I am going to do nothing for a month, I can't even stretch or do yours as it aggrevates it. Don't want to become a lazy slob 😪

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Sharon Hubbard
over 4 years

Could you try walking?! I hurt my back a few years ago so couldn't do much exercise but was told to keep mobilising! So I found myself a nice hour long walk around a lake and used to do that a few times a week! The fresh air and quietness is really relaxing and I used to come back feeling so much better! I still go on that walk now whenever I feel stressed or stir-crazy! Hope you feel better soon! Xx

over 4 years

I feel your pain. Focus on the food, meditate and relax. I broke my foot at the end of october so I say this with love. It is crap but you'll get there and fuelling your body well will help you heal.

I get where you are coming from though. I almost finished knitting a jumper.. coloured in lots, watched a ton of crap on Netflix....

over 4 years

Just take it easy and give yourself time to heal. Focus on the meditation and the food! Are there any nice places to go walking near you? You'll heal quicker if you give it chance. I've had lots of injuries in the past and the ones I try to hurry back to health always cause the most bother. You're doing great hope you feel better soon! Xx

Eva Mayer
over 4 years

Don't stress yourself so much! You have such a great journey behind you and are doing so well! Try to just enjoy the day and let your body heal!

over 4 years

Sorry to hear that , take it day by day. Could you do something like t'ai chi? X

over 4 years

Awww so so sorry to hear that. Raquelbelle is right though it will soon pass and you will be back to normal. Use it as time to getting better. I spent 10 months last year on my back with a rupture Achilles that had to be reconstructed and I never ever thought I would be right but honestly honestly the time flew by.
Take each day at a time rather than looking one month ahead. I used to think 'well today is Monday and in a few days it will be the weekend and that's another week gone' it soon goes.
Big big hug and keep smiling. Xxx

over 4 years

Hey babes X you can't change it now you have to let ur body heal or u could make it worse! A month is not that long ❤️❤️ try n keep ur mind busy a good book or I have some colouring books xxx take care