Hey girls, I haven't written here before but here goes.
This is a bit of a tough time for me but this program is really helping me get into a healthy routine, food and sport wise !
The only thing is I work in a kitchen and so all my diners are included there, I really have to adapt the meal plan, but I am pretty happy about how it's going. Looking forward to sharing this with you guys :)

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over 4 years

Hello! I must confess I have a weird job so I don't follow the guide to the letter but pretty much all of my meals are either Madeleine's glow guide or from her book. I struggle to follow instructions I am not a good glow gal 😀 I am however 9lbs lighter, much happier and glowing so my insubordination must be working! Good luck X

over 4 years

Well done!
I think lots of us have to adapt but what the plan does is it makes us more aware of our food choices.
I like that fact that it's flexible and the exercise is good on its own.
Stick with it - thanks for sharing 💚